Our homes, our clothes, our appearance, our environment … it’s all a reflection of what is happening on the inside. We want to live in an optimum environment both on the inside and in our environments.

To do that, you might want to clean out all the toxins and chemicals — not just from your body, but from your home, make-up and cleaning products, kitchens, bathrooms, appliances, housewares, and more.

When I started researching MRSA, hormones, endocrine disruptors, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and more, I realized a lot of my issues all led back to home base. We use so many items on a daily basis that claim to be healthy or non-toxic, but are not healthy at all.  They could wreak havoc on our hormones, immune systems, gut balance, brains, metabolism, fertility, and bone health. Such toxins might even affect development in children.

Toxins affect everyone differently, but if you’re interested in cleaning out and cleaning up, let’s do it. Ultimately, you will decide how much you want to change. You’re the one in-charge. And if we are space clearing for better organization, you’re the lead. We will create a master plan for your environment. I’m here to help you to make the most powerful decisions that are right for you.


If you’re living in a space that is unorganized, it may affect your productivity. How do you want to live and work in your home or office? We could work on space clearing and organization for you to function at the optimal level for you.


I have five separate options for you to choose from. Depending on your location, and whether you choose the Total Home option, I may be able to make an in-person home visit. Otherwise, Skype will be our friend for our consultations.


Our kitchens. For many families, they are the central family gathering place. A place of love and where nourishment is found. Well, things in our kitchens may not be so nourishing for our minds or bodies … things you probably have and use every day. From storage solutions to appliances, many items we use may be toxic to your health. But there are healthier alternatives out there for you to transition to a happier, healthier kitchen.


Just like your kitchen, your bathroom may be riddled with things that aren’t so body or eco-friendly. What kinds of soaps and shampoos are you using? Are your lotions softening you or are they poisoning you? What about the cleaning supplies you use and breathe in on a regular basis? Let’s examine all these ingredients.


No matter how much you paid for that expensive anti-aging serum, it may actually be working in reverse and aging you instead! When it comes to the beauty industry, companies market to women and make promises they just can’t always keep.


Do you feel happy in your home or office, or do you feel like everything is out of place? If your home or office is unorganized and messy, it may be affecting your performance and flow. If you would like to create a better environment to live and work in, let’s work together to create a space that you love.


We will work in all the above areas to give you the most optimum space you want.

Ready to start? Then fill out this form and join me on this adventure!

See you on the other side!