Hi! I’m Laila Morcos Zissis, and my entire life is dedicated to helping you achieve  better health, the body you want, the success you desire, and the peace (grace) to have it all.

And I know, you CAN have it all. But you may need help unlocking the potential within you.

How do you know I’m the right person to help you on this journey? Because I have been where you might be right now. Because I too was stressed, but alive with dreams of achieving more.

I felt unable to pull myself out of my own swamp. I felt stuck, even though I knew that I could achieve more than just getting through the day. Do you know that feeling? Do you have that feeling right now? If so … read on or reach out to me now!

You Can Regain Control

Even if you feel you’re in the darkest of places right now … you can move into the light. You can regain control of your mind, body, emotions, thoughts, and ultimately your destiny. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

You see, I don’t believe we are on Earth to live a life that is status quo. I don’t believe we should age before our time.

I do believe that…

  • We are in control of reaching our potential.
  • With help, you can overcome the challenges standing between you and your destiny.
  • We are here to live life with ultimate joy, with ultimate energy, with a clear path towards success, and with beautiful synchronicity.

I believe that we all have the tools within us to have our exquisite lives… revealed. Are you ready?


On paper, my life looked great.

At the ripe old age of 22, I was in my first television market as an anchor/reporter. I jumped on board the television news track with my sights set on eventually returning to my hometown of New Orleans: a fast-paced news market with no shortage of fun.

And after a few years of moving to different television markets, I finally returned home in my early 30’s, where I started working in radio in addition to television. I was having a blast! I loved feeling like my work was important, and I was helping my community.

Then came unexpected challenges.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans with bullet strength … and that storm kick-started me (and most everyone) on a path of stress and overdrive.  

I returned to Lake Charles, Louisiana (my first television market) to anchor a morning show since New Orleans was ravaged. While there, I took the opportunity to work in better conditions while still being close enough to New Orleans to help in recovery.

But that didn’t last long. Hurricane Rita blasted Southwest Louisiana just three weeks later, essentially destroying that area for more than a year!

I thought I was fine.

The effects of stress and being in fight or flight mode for a prolonged period never crossed my mind. But I sure did enjoy my wine to wind down, and coffee to jump start my early mornings (a bad habit I developed in college). But little did I know, I was running on adrenaline.  

After two years of working and reporting in disaster-response mode, I landed a job back in New Orleans, taking me from one recovery zone to another that was even worse. And I embraced every minute of it.

I discovered a new normal in New Orleans. While working as a full-time reporter, I decided to open a consulting business. I worked with clients in several industries to help them with media and image training, public relations consulting, and communications strategies.

But I knew I could achieve more.

I started to feel some internal rumblings calling me to take more control of my life and my own destiny, and not be owned by a broadcasting entity. Or any company, for that matter.

I also realized that the broadcasting industry was changing, and I didn’t fit in anymore. I wanted freedom of self and creativity. And I knew the potential for a higher income stream was somewhere else.  

Around that time, I met my now husband, Tim. I was 35. It was special, different. I was on a roller coaster of love!

I remained focused on my career development.

It was time to make a strategic career move. I took a job outside of broadcasting for the first time in 13 years as a Public Relations Executive in a mid-sized agency. As I looked at it, this was my opportunity for me to achieve my communications “master’s degree.”  

In my new role, I managed campaigns for clients in tourism and hospitality, higher education, food and beverage, non-profit, government, banking, and more. At first, I was excited to learn new things. I was upgrading my operating system (knowledge) and learning how the business/corporate world worked.

But in time, the opportunity that gave me so much education started to chip away at my soul. I was not an office kind of a girl. Every day I walked into that building, I felt like I was walking into a coffin.  I was stifled… bored. It didn’t fit my personality. But I couldn’t quit.

Tim and I were engaged and happy. But we were faced with a huge challenge… a scary diagnosis.

Tim was experiencing excruciating knee pain. When we could get him in to see an orthopedic surgeon, Tim was diagnosed with a torn ACL and meniscus tears in his right knee – but also MRSA: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

He was rushed to surgery to have his knee scoped. It didn’t work, and he went through another surgery. The antibiotics weren’t working either, and his organs were shutting down. He was becoming septic and the words “amputate his leg” were even mentioned.

But, by the grace of God, his doctor was able to find an antibiotic to try. It actually had to be flown into New Orleans from New York! After a month of being in and out of the hospital, Tim’s body was finally responding to the antibiotic.

We overcame the experience together.

Tim’s journey continued: he was on home health for more than three months with a PICC line to his heart. Needless to say, I ignored my own health for quite a while.

Fast forward: Tim is now happy, healthy, and back to his athletic self. And we are happily married.

I also left the agency world to pursue my own dreams, which included communications and marketing consulting.  

For YEARS AND YEARS, I didn’t stop. And it took a toll.

I ignored my body, my mind, and my intuition, until my body wouldn’t let me anymore.

By the time I was 38, I was stressed. Tired. Miserable. Unmotivated. I gained 50 pounds. I couldn’t get out of bed. And it took every ounce of energy for me to push through the depression and horrible anxiety that manifested in my gut.

I lost my spirit.

This time, Tim was bearing the brunt of my exhaustion and depression. So I started seeing doctors, acupuncturists, holistic healers, nutritionists, and more. Eventually I was diagnosed with hormone imbalances, including hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. I was prescribed pills, supplements, tonics, exercise regimens, diets, and the list goes on.

But NOTHING worked. I had it! I felt like my body was attacking itself.

Somehow, though, I knew the answers were inside of me. And just like I did with my career, I took control of my own path with my health, and with the help of only those practitioners who really listened to me. 


Through exhaustive research, trial and error, help from Above and more, I have been able to put an end to the maddening cycle of health issues, doctor appointments, and prescriptions. I regained my energy, my happiness, my motivation, my joy, and most importantly — my spirit.

The journalist in me kicked back in.

I learned about toxicity, our environment, our food supply, how food affects our bodies and brains, vitamins and supplements, holistic and natural remedies, exercise, meditation, spirituality, neuroscience, and personal development. I also learned about the FDA, EPA, and other governmental agencies and how they operate.

Now, I realized that I needed to make changes from the inside out. I figured out what works for me. While I still seek holistic and medical interventions and advice… the chase is over. Now, my health choices, my LIFE choices, are intuitive decisions for me.

I took things even further: Certified Health & Wellness Coaching

My desire to help others became so overwhelming that I went back to school to become an International Coach Federation Certified Life, Health & Wellness Coach because I know we can all make changes from the inside out! I’m proof – and many of my clients are, too!

I started a community devoted to whole soul wellness.

I also founded LikeMinded Ladies, a membership organization comprising women in business and/or those interested in launching new careers or undertaking new professional endeavors. We support each other both professionally and personally to accomplish our goals. I want our members to have an impact in their respective communities. It is ultimately about women being kind to fellow women, encouraging inclusion, support, professional encouragement, and networking in a safe, loving atmosphere.

We focus on WHOLE SOUL growth, and the only requirement of our members is to be kind and supportive of each other and themselves.

You see a trend here?   

Deep down, I know there is more for you, just like I knew there was more for me.

You have the answers inside you and you may just need a little help with the reveal! That’s what I’m here for. To help you find what is going to work for you to achieve the life you want and have Your Exquisite Life … Revealed!     

Laila xoxo


I am not a psychologist, medical doctor, naturopath, nutritionist, counselor, or therapist. I’m a Certified Life, Health & Wellness Coach, a journalist and a Communications Consultant. I’m also a great motivator, cheerleader, and change-maker. I graduated from MentorCoach, LLC., an ICF Accredited School, and I’m an ICF Associate Certified Coach with more than 300 coaching hours. If you suffer from serious health or mental issues, it is best you seek appropriate help from a medical or mental health practitioner you trust. Nothing on this website is intended as medical advice. 

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