I’m a firm believer that affirmations work but only if they are used repetitively, with feeling, and they are specific to you.

There are many wonderful affirmation programs that are truly effective … and I use many myself. But they were created for the masses and are general.

To have truly effective affirmations that are relevant to you and what you want to accomplish, I want to work with you to create your own affirmation script in some or all areas of your life. Personal Development experts recommend having affirmations for all areas of life to maintain complete balance, but if you only want to focus on one or two at the moment, we can. Also, to work, affirmations must be written in a specific way.

So, let’s schedule a call so I can literally interview you to find out what you want to accomplish in the following areas:

  • Spiritual
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Environmental
  • Professional
  • Social
  • Learning
  • Relationships

Your affirmations may need to be even more drilled down and specific. For example, Relationship affirmations may need to be more focused, like Marriage affirmations or Sibling-Relationship affirmations. Physical affirmations may need to be more specific, for example, Weight-Loss affirmations or even Glowing Skin affirmations.

Whatever you want to experience and move towards, no matter how general or specific, your affirmations are yours. They are different than everyone else’s on the planet. Let’s create these and fine-tune them together.

Let’s tailor a Personal Affirmation Program just for you.