What would your life look like if you could have ongoing support when you need it? If you need help managing the day-to-day or week-to-week challenges of making changes, staying motivated and managing your daily life, then the Exquisite Life … Revealed Membership may be the perfect investment in yourself. 

What you get:

    • A one-on-one kick off coaching session so I can get to know you and gain an understanding of your life goals. This way we can ensure you are ready to make substantial changes in your life. Coaching, be it group or one-on-one, is a very trusting, honest relationship. Getting to know you better only helps us both in the process.
    • Weekly motivational, live, one-hour coaching calls with me and fellow Exquisite Liferswomen just like you. You’re not alone. We’re all able to make big changes and stay motivated when we’re in a supportive community, with others having similar experiences.  We motivate each other, share, get support, and come up with strategies and goals for each other week-to-week. 
    • Quarterly one-on-one personal coaching sessions to ensure you’re on track with your goals, and things are pacing in the right way for you.
    • Recordings of live coaching calls week-to-week, just in case you want to listen to the session again or missed the session.
    • Tools and assignments that help you stay focused week-to-week.
    • Access to our exclusive, private Facebook group where we commiserate and share achievements, questions, concerns, and more.  
    • Email access to me throughout your membership. Sometimes, we all need a little extra motivation. But with your membership, you can email me with whatever your needs are at that moment. I am your forever cheerleader and co-pilot, and will respond appropriately (within 48 hours). This is an invaluable part of membership. You have access to me, almost as deeply as my one-on-one coaching clients.
    • Stay on track and consistent with me and others on the same journey.


How much is the membership and how is it paid?

Membership costs $309/month, and is automatically paid monthly via credit card. We do the work, so you don’t have to worry about billing. Invest in yourself and stay on track!

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What if I need to cancel my membership? 

Not a problem. Just let me know. Plus, you’re always welcome back into the tribe if there is a better time later on.

What if I have a major problem or issue that I would like to discuss on the call, and am concerned about my confidentiality? 

To be an Exquisite Lifer, I appeal to all members to maintain complete confidentiality.

This is a sacred space we are entering into together. Without confidentiality, the trust that we share would be broken and the group calls would be less effective.

However, keep in mind that you’re only required to give your first name on the calls. Plus, as a member, if there is a difficult situation and you would like to have only my attention, you can email me privately. You can also choose not to accept the Private Facebook Group invitation.

I am completely transparent with all of our members, so all participants receive an agreement with the parameters of the Membership.

How can I make the most out of my time if there are multiple people on the calls?

Space is limited for each group call. That is why we have a number of different group sessions. If you’re not satisfied with the group you are in, we may be able to switch you to another group.

How are the calls set up? 

Ahead of our calls each week, I send out a conference line and communication for our group to send me topics for discussion, areas of concern, and more. If I don’t receive appropriate topics, then I choose a topic for the week. The goal is to create forward movement week-to-week for the group and everyone individually.

The first part of our call is dedicated to brief introductions and settling in. Then, we get to the meat of the call — the topic or issue up for discussion. After that, we openly discuss strategies, ideas, techniques, and more, to give the group motivation and strategies to continue goal setting.

At the end, I give everyone an inquiry to consider (if deemed appropriate) until we are together again.

What if I miss a call or can’t make a group session? Do I get a partial refund? 

Stuff happens! That’s life. We completely understand. Since this is a monthly program available for you at preset times, we hope you can make as many calls (if not all) as possible.

But if you miss a call, I am still available for you via email. You will also get the recording you missed. Since all other aspects of the program are still available, we do not issue refunds for a missed group call.

What about you? Don’t you need to go on vacation and take time off? 

YES! I do need some time off and so do you! We all need to take vacation or a break from the daily grind.

We have our live calls 45 weeks/year. Membership is ongoing. But year-to-year, there will be a few weeks that I am not available via phone.

Even then, I do my best to stay up on emails. When I need to take a week or two off, you will get ample notice. I also expect YOU to be taking time for yourself and your loved ones!

How long do I need to participate?

This is for you. The program is ongoing, and you can participate for as long as you like. Typically, in any sort of coaching relationship, you find you begin to notice substantial growth and change at the three-month mark. I ask everyone to try to commit for at least three months. If you don’t feel like you’re getting what you need, we can discuss at your quarterly one-on-one coaching session.

What if I decide I would rather have only one-one-one coaching instead of the Membership? 

That would be wonderful. Let me know. Then we will set up a one-on-one call to see what your needs are and next steps!

Talk with me about Membership directly.