Life Coaching TestimonialsWelcome to my Life Coaching Testimonials page! These words mean so much because they signify powerful paths in finding each and everyone’s own Exquisite Life Revealed.

Every path is different, and that’s the beauty of working together to find your best self. Whether you’re interested in a healthy life, need some extra motivation to keep moving forward, or are interested in a certified resource to help get where you need to be, there are tools available to achieve the lifestyle you’ve always envisioned living. 

Together, we can work to achieve that life.

  • Deciding to begin my journey with Laila through coaching was the best decision I have ever made. Never did I imagine that 30-45 minutes a week of time and energy focused on my needs would make such an impact on my life. I feel empowered and in control of my goals, and my focus to achieve success has never been stronger.

    S.D. Fashion Industry Entrepreneur
  • Thank you for being my Life Coach. There is no one on Earth by whom I would rather be coached. Working with you has been instrumental for me.

    S.L. Personal Trainer, Business Owner
  • Without Laila asking me how I'm going to be accountable to myself each week, I would probably take 400% longer to complete simple tasks that seemed overwhelming but ended up accomplishable in no time! Learning to be accountable to MYSELF was key to my success.

    S.E. Educational Consultant, Entrepreneur
  • Thank you, Laila. Working with you has been a life-changing transformation. With your ability to see what my unique needs are, I have the life I want. I have moved from my life running me ragged to being the CEO of my life. I’m laser focused on applying my energy to what I can change and to accept what is unchangeable.

    L.F. Spa Industry Business Owner
  • Laila has been my business coach for over a year. I cannot express how much I appreciate the patience and guidance that she has given to me in my solo coaching and in the sessions with my team during our group sessions. She has helped me to align my personal and business values, clear out my mental clutter that was holding me back from growth, and has held me accountable to accomplishing the task needed for me to reach my goals. She was integral in teaching my team and me to communicate at our highest level. Laila is incredibly insightful and intuitive, and I am very excited to work with her as she helps me to grow my business to the next level!

    B.G. Wealth Management Advisor
  • If you are ready for change in your life, do yourself a favor, let Laila help you! I've been working with Laila for about 10 months, and my life is completely different from when we started working together. When we started, I was trying to determine if moving to Tennessee was the right decision for me and my family. She helped me figure out what was holding me back from making a decision, and once I made the decision to move, she was there through the entire process. She turned what could have been a chaotic, anxious time into a well-planned, calm process. Now that I'm living here and settled in, I'm ready to open a new chapter and become a personal trainer. She has been so helpful with making me aware of my self-worth and bringing out the confidence in me that I need to take the leap. I can't wait for this new adventure and to see what else she's going to help me through down the road. If you are truly ready to dig deep and make changes in your life, big or small, Laila will get you there!

    M.B. Entertainment Promoter, Future Personal Trainer

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