I will help you identify your own talents and gifts – those that you were born with – to help you make decisions. Together, we’ll implement those decisions to achieve your own chosen goals.

In addition to being a Coach, I am also a communications expert. I help businesses and professionals navigate the vast media landscape in order to make positive changes in their work. If you feel you might benefit from my consulting services, I’m happy to explore that partnership.

Why is working with you different and why should I hire you?

I have probably been where you are right now.

I know what you’re going through: career transitions, health issues, high stress levels, work-life balance, figuring out next life steps, rediscovering spirituality. You name it, I have probably experienced something that you’re feeling right now.

I’m committed to helping you discover a road map for change, because I am proof that coaching works.

Coaching for Business Clients

While I’m an ICF Certified Life, Health & Wellness Coach, my career in broadcast journalism, marketing, advertising, and sales also benefits business clients.

We may choose to explore these areas in order to create a well-rounded life of your choosing. How can your business function if you are experiencing a health issue? If there is a health issue, how can you develop a plan to know what you want in life?

I take direction from you, my client, so I can help you reach the holistic, balanced outcome you desire.

What are your prices?

Each individual client has different needs. Some may need daily or weekly coaching, while others may want bi-weekly or monthly coaching.

If we feel that we are a good fit, I will construct a pricing and payment structure that works for both of us. I determine pricing based on the amount of time we’ll spend together, and the type of support you need between sessions. (If you’re unsure about the financial investment, you can find more advice from the International Coaching Federation.)

Pricing for Multiple Packages

If you are interested in the Personal Affirmations Program and/or the Optimum Environment packages, then we will tailor a pricing structure that includes both programs. Exquisite Life … Revealed Membership is a separate program that is billed separately.

How do you bill? 

I automatically charge your card on file at the end of the month for all of our sessions. If another type of payment works better for you, then we can discuss other options in advance.

I do have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy, and I will charge you for any missed sessions that aren’t rescheduled or cancelled in advance. I don’t have an issue with cancelling at all. Life happens! But our time together is blocked out for you, and you only. It’s a mutually respectful relationship. If you cancel with 24-hour advance notice I will not bill you.

What if I’m not satisfied with our coaching relationship? 

You must be honest with me so we can discuss why you’re not happy. Then, we can make a decision on what to do differently in order to meet your needs.

We both need to make sure the coaching relationship is benefiting you. But sometimes, a coach and a client may not fit.

Coach/client relationships come to an end, and that’s OK. You have to be a fierce advocate for yourself and what you need. The International Coach Federation also offers some good advice on finding a compatible partnership.

 Exquisite Life Revealed Coaching is for you if:

  • You’re ready and motivated to make significant changes in your life. I will be there for you.
  • You feel that “rumbling” inside telling you that there is more in life. I will help you discover what that means.
  • You’re committed to our time together. I will be forever committed.
  • You want to live life beyond the status quo. I believe in you. You don’t have to accept the status quo.
  • You’re ready to learn more about yourself than you ever thought there was to know. I want to learn about you, too.
  • You’re ready to be challenged. I will challenge you. I know you can do anything.
  • You’re on a never-ending search to figure out “What’s wrong with me,” and you’re ready to stop wondering. I want that to end for you. It ended for me.
  • You want to jump out of bed knowing that you’re on the right path. I am ready to walk with you on that path.
  • You want to trust your intuition (or yourself) more in making decisions. I will go deep with you.
  • You are brave and ready to live life with unabashed enthusiasm. I will help you experience that.

Exquisite Life Revealed Coaching is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not interested in digging deep, or expect someone else to fix you.
  • You can’t be honest with me or yourself.
  • You’re not interested in getting out of your comfort zone, or you would rather stay stuck.
  • you’re not interested in having a mutual respectful relationship that is honored on all levels: time commitments, payment expectations, responsiveness to inquiries to initiate action, and more.
  • You are not willing to do the work to create the God-given opportunity for you to live the life you want.

What to Expect

Coaching Process:

I conduct one-on-one private coaching with every client, unless we discuss otherwise. Our conversations are specific to your journey. We will identify and dissolve what is getting in your way. This is YOUR time.

Coaching & Communications:

We can meet via phone, in-person, or on Skype. If we are working on detoxing your home or space clearing, I prefer to meet in person or via Skype, so that we can make your space the divine, beautiful, and healthy environment you deserve.

As a private coaching client, you can reach me via text and email in between sessions for extra encouragement and support. I will respond as timely as I possibly can. If at any time either of us feels our time is not being respected, we must discuss mutually respectful boundaries.

What I Expect from My Clients:

Be prepared to work from the Inside Out. Only then will you be able to trust yourself and follow your intuition.

Connect with your vision by setting goals, practicing higher visioning, and leveraging other effective tools.

In return, our coaching relationship will give you ongoing validation and support. Through this process, you will develop more self-love and self-worth.

Are you ready to achieve your full potential?

I encourage a three-month minimum commitment to allow ample growth and goal achievement without pressure.

Are you ready to begin? Click here to begin your journey to an Exquisite Life… Revealed.

If you’re still deciding whether professional coaching is right for you, read up on some general coaching information from the International Coach Federation.


I am not a psychologist, medical doctor, naturopath, nutritionist, counselor, or therapist. I’m a Certified Life, Health & Wellness Coach, a journalist, and a Communications Consultant. I’m also a great motivator, cheerleader and change-maker. I graduated from MentorCoach, LLC., an ICF Accredited School. I’m an ICF Associate Certified Coach with more than 300 coaching hours.

If you suffer from serious health or mental issues, it is best you seek appropriate help from a medical or mental health practitioner you trust. Nothing on this website is intended as medical advice.