Where Are You on the Health and Performance Scale?

I’ve spent my entire adult life in a state of research, learning, and studying – a constant state of educational absorption. I have loved every minute of it. I have a huge thirst for knowledge to make my life and my family’s life better … but also to be the best I can be for my clients. I’ve read and studied many books, recommended in my training and out of a personal desire to learn more about different schools of thought, regarding personal development, nutrition, medicine (conventional vs. alternative).

Quite honestly, there is so much conflicting information from doctors, nutritionists, practitioners, and others who have advanced degrees, letters behind their name, research to back their particular findings, and trust in their respected professions, that oftentimes, it gets extremely confusing to figure out what to put into your body, how to exercise, what medication will help you or hurt you, and more.

What I do know is that everybody … and EVERY BODY is different. What may work for me may not work for you. I could write a book on this topic … but will reserve that for a later post.

However, there is one concept that I know is one we should all be implementing in our lives. A holistic nutritionist recommended I read the book Never Be Sick Again: Health is a Choice, Learn How to Choose It by Raymond Francis, M.Sc.

Francis writes that he believes there is one disease (malfunctioning cells), two causes of disease (deficiency and toxicity), and six pathways between health and disease (nutrition, toxins, psychological, physical, genetic, and medical). The book theorizes that the more you can make changes to optimize your nutrition, reduce toxin exposure, work on changing thought patterns, achieve adequate activity, increase genetic potential, and understand how modern medicine may sometimes harm you instead of help you, you can increase health on a cellular level and maintain homeostasis – where the body is in complete balance and devoid of disease and sickness. In short … healthy.

One tool he asks readers to consider using is “The Health and Performance Scale.” This concept of a scale was a huge light that went off for me … an easy way to gain awareness about every choice I make. I apply this in my life and may ask my clients to consider using it to make decisions about their lives as well. Here is a basic diagram that Francis uses on p. 54 of his book:

Death——————————————Diagnosable Disease——————————————Perfect Health

He writes:

Optimal health (on the far right) is that theoretical state in which every cell is functioning optimally, and you are absolutely as healthy as your genetic capacity allows. This condition is called homeostasis – when the body is perfectly in balance and is continually fine-tuning itself to maintain that balance…

Between optimal health and death is diagnosable disease. In this state, cellular malfunction is occurring on such a large scale that the symptoms of a medically defined disease are produced. On the far left of the scale is death – where all cells have ceased to function.

So where do you fit on this scale?

Do you have a diagnosable disease? Do you feel sluggish? Are you overweight? Do you have depression or some other type of mental ailment? Do you know you can feel and be better … but just aren’t doing the things you know will boost you up? Do you know what a healthy lifestyle entails for you and your body, chemistry, genes, and well-being? This is where you can easily apply “The Health and Performance Scale” by asking yourself … is this going to make me healthier (or feel good) or lead to a cascade of cell malfunction? This is also a good tool to use to help you consider applying moderation in your life.

For example, my husband and I love pizza. We could bathe in pizza. I know … gross. But, you can use “The Health and Performance Scale” in making decisions about whether you should eat that pizza! Will it get me closer to Perfect Health or closer to Death? Now, I’m not saying eating pizza is a death sentence, but we definitely know that there may be healthier choices on the menu. The healthier decisions you can make in your life, the closer you may get towards Perfect Health and feeling better. You can apply that to all areas of your life … not just food choices.

  • “Will taking a 20-minute walk get me closer to Perfect Health or closer to Death?”
  • “Will that second (or third, or fourth) glass of wine be good for me or make me feel hungover in the morning?” (I have asked myself this a lot!)
  • “Should I microwave my food or take the time to cook it on the stove to limit EMF exposure?”
  • “Should I take a few minutes for prayer, meditation, or reflections … or just get to the next project because I have anxiety about finishing it?”
  • “Should I take this medication that my doctor is recommending that may have severe side effects, or wou
  • ls it be wise for me to try an alternative therapy first?”
  • “Will this ______________ get me to Perfect Health or closer to Death?”

Another way I use the concept of the scale is by inserting “Stress and Success” instead of “Death and Perfect Health.”

  • “Will taking a 20-minute walk get me closer to Success or Stress?
  • “Will that second (or third, or forth) glass of wine make me feel successful or stressed in the morning?
  • “Will microwaving my food or taking the time to cook it on the stove to limit EMF exposure help lead to Success or Stress?” (Some may choose to microwave based on time-restrictions that can just lead to more stress. I know this well.)
  • “Will taking a few minutes for prayer, meditation, or reflection help me be successful on my next project or will it stress me out to take time to do this?
  • “Should I take this medication that my doctor is recommending that may have severe side effects that may affect my work, physical or mental performance cause me Stress, or would it be wise for me to try an alternative therapy first, which could lead to Success?”
  • “Will this ______________ help me reach higher levels of Success or give me more Stress?”

You see … “The Health and Performance Scale” is a powerful, yet easy tool, that may help you make better choices. It may also allow you to gain strong insight into yourself and the why behind things that may not be the correct choices for you. Awareness is key to making changes in your life.

By the way, my husband and I oftentimes choose pizza! But we also choose to eat lots of organic fruits, vegetables, wild caught fish and seafood, healthy oils and fats, and we exercise to keep pushing us towards Perfect Health. The body is incredibly self-healing, and for many, the healthier the choices, the faster they can move to better health and performance. The more good you put in, the better you may become in all areas of your life.